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Indiana Hoosiers Full Size Soccer Ball

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Baden Soccer balls with a moisture grip gives you superior ball control throughout your game, You can only achieve Perfection by designing for athletes, using the best raw materials and paying attention to every detail DESIGN - The Baden Soccer balls proprietary composite microfiber cover provides superior grip and tack for optimum Soccer balls control. Its patented Cushion Control Technology (CCT) creates a softer feel, truer bounce, and longer life PERFECTION - The Baden Soccer balls Perfection Symmetrical design was engineered to provide a perfectly balanced ball and its smooth rounded edges ensure you won’t feel lumps or get inconsistent bounces ADVANTAGE - This is a Soccer balls that you can trust from the inside out. Whether you’re putting in hours practicing your free throws, passes, or draining three’s, this ball will help you reach your full potential on the pitch.  Intermediate Size 5. May ship deflated.